16 March 2010

Salavdor Rivas Silva

Yesterday afternoon La Mexicana had a problem. She had the DVD of the young singers' performances hot off the press. However, the bass, Salvador Silva, was by then down in Mexico City and in need of a video of his two performances to present to somebody today as part of his portfolio or part of an auditioning process or something. In fact he needed the videos yesterday, as these thing so often happen.

The only thing I could think to do was to convert his videos down to a smaller file format and post them on the internet. He could then download them himself from there. She will send him the disk with the big files on it later. It all worked out to his satisfaction.

In any event since those videos are up anyway, I will go ahead and put one here. He is doing a solo from the opera Mefistofele by a composer named Boito. He is quite obviously in the role of the devil.

Salvador Rivas Silva (I)

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