23 March 2010

Oaxaca Chocolate

Do you see that cake.

That cake is made from authentic Oaxaca chocolate.

There is no other chocolate that is quite like Oaxaca chocolate.


Barb said...

Happy birthday, Steve! I would love to taste that cake. And, come around to constant reader to get the birthday wishes from all your friends there.

Ruth said...

Feliz cumpeanos.

What Barb said. Come to CR for wishes.

Boomer said...

I second that about the Oaxaca chocolate. Happy Birthday.

Denise from CR

Robyn said...

Happy Birthday, Steve! The Oaxaca chocolate looks YUMMY! Robyn

Señor Steve said...

Thank you all. I would have been willing to let another doggone birthday pass unnoticed. It did not, however, and some delicious cake with a few friends turned out to be very enjoyable after all.

Stagg said...

You da man Sir Steve!!!