15 March 2010

Free Form Cooking Without a Net: IV

Okay. Let us get back on track here.

In the midst of these cooking projects, other ingredients in the pantry always cry out, "Take me! Take me! I want to be part of this." And such happened here again.

Cooking IV


Anonymous said...

Here's the thing...all I get is a white space. I can get to your video page but even there I only get a white space where the video should be. Maybe Canadians are banned or something.

Señor Steve said...

I can sense your frustration, Mr. Anchovy, but I am flattered by your interest.

I find that often I must refresh the page after it has purportedly completed loaded--or reload it, as some people phrase it--in order to get the thumbnails of the videos to appear. May I ask you to try that?

If that does not work, kindly let me know.

Señor Steve said...

Yes, in Windows Vista they now call it the "reload" command.

Stagg said...

Tha boat ov yuzz is very funny! Man oh man ...I was laughin' it up before you both agreed it was a comedy!! Now on the serious side of things...all of it looks sinus clearing GOOD-I could smell it from here...even the music in the background is wonderful!!