07 March 2010

Free Form Cooking Without a Net: III

In this session we get after the fish soup seriously.

Then the whole project starts to go out of the control as usual. The cauliflower by itself is not colorful enough. This is where we char a red pepper and a green pepper directly over the gas flame, something I have not seen done before. But there are a lot of things that I have not seen.

By the way, Adriana inquired at the vegetable shop. The large, light green peppers that she put into the soup are güero peppers.

Cooking III from Tío Steve on Vimeo.

We still do not know what kind of fish that is. She just pointed at it in the fish shop. The large chunk is a fish that make good broth. The small filets are a fish that is not very flavorful naturally. A bland fish of some sort.

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Four Dinners said...

I freely confess to not being a fish lover.

Prawn Cocktail I can take. Fish and Chips from the local chip shop I can handle - the fish is 'fried in batter Cod' as a rule.

Tonight, Carol introduced me to Haddock in batter and, nuch to my amazement, I enjoyed it.

I'm a novice at fish old bean but I'm learning.

Whitebate? Never!!! I can't eat something that is looking at me!...;-)