06 March 2010

Free Form Cooking Without a Net: II

Four Dinners, I took the time to give you a detailed security briefing. It is in the comments to She Who Sells Flowers With a Half-Smile. You missed it. The short answer to your questions is, "Don't worry."

In this segment of the cooking extravaganza, things are still going according to plan. The project is yet to careen out of control. The whole thing will get chaotic when other ingredients that we have not talked about call out from the pantry that they want to get in on the action, too. That will happen. It always happens.

Cooking II from Tío Steve on Vimeo.


Ruth said...

I'm one of those old farts who likes to talk about foot. I also like to cook. I also would love to enjoy these little videos.

But last evening, in the middle of watching youtube Will the Circle be Unbroken with Johnny Cash, someone gagged my computer.

Not a sound since, despite my efforts with settings and such.

Ruth said...

Make that "likes to talk about FOOD. My feet do fine without my concerning myself.

Señor Steve said...

Ruthie, sometimes our computers simply decide not to do something anymore. They have minds of their own. Maybe they just get tired.

Ruth said...

Fixed it. Good ol' System Restore.

Computer problems are so damn frustrating. It's not like you can open the back and see that the flustergibbet has obviously come loose from the doodledicky.