05 March 2010

Free Form Cooking Without a Net: I

Here we go. In experimental mode. I am not going to edit this thing. I would have no idea where to start. We have had to shoot this with the video function of the little camera because I am having voice sync problems with the big Camcorder when converting from tape to digital. I will fix that.

This will be roughly a half-hour program in 10-minute installments. She will make fish soup for a starter. It is a Friday in lent. All the butcher shops were closed. However, the little fish shop was doing well. The entrée will be fish in La Mexicana's green sauce (salsa verde) with a kind of cauliflower medley on the side. We will not forget the lime to kill bacteria.

La Mexicana promises that next time she will know the names of all the chiles and also be able to tell you precisely what kind of fish. We have a fat chunk of fish in this, which is very good for broth. That goes into the soup obviously. Then we have two smaller chunks of fish that do not have much flavor by themselves. They are going to be covered with green sauce. That is all you need to know.

We will get these production values back up where they belong in the future.

Fish Soup and Fish in Green Sauce I

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Four Dinners said...

I will be passing these onto the management at Dinners Towers!

Been hearing a few alarming things down Mexico way old bean. You ok or is the US over reacting to something? Tourist alerts or something are going on....