26 March 2010

End of March

March has been beautiful. Today it will reach a high of 80° F. (27° C.). Tomorrow we are set to hit 86° F. (30° C.).

La Mexicana is off to the Pacific beach with friends. I am sitting the house and the dog for her. The courtyard has lit up.


Here we are looking down toward the front gate.

The winter tourists are leaving town in droves.

The outdoor table is all cleaned up and ready for some evening dinner parties al fresco.

Okay. I admit that I got a little carried away taking pictures of it all.

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Four Dinners said...

I'm living in the wrong country.

My ADI exam is April 12. If I pass I'm earning.

My ambition is to be in Mexico in 2011.

I have just got to see this place!!!!