13 March 2010

Back from a Break

I took a little five-day break from the laptop. It was total. No email. No blog. No book discussions. Not even a boot up. I think one ought to do that once in a while. But then again, perhaps one ought not do that. I don't know.

In any event I am back. All is well.

Mural from the lobby of Teatro Ángela Peralta.

Tonight is opera night. Do not bother to visit the Opera San Miguel site unless you can read Spanish. There is an English tab, but it does not work.

The national opera competition, or concurso, was the first event that I attended in San Miguel last June. Normally, it is held in March. For some reason last year it was delayed until June. In any event the curtain rises in five hours. I must therefore commence my toilette now.


Anonymous said...

I attended an opera for the first time ever this year, and while the whole business and the strange formal way of telling a story is foreign to me, I enjoyed the spectacle.

Four Dinners said...

Ah Ha!!! You are ok.

Quite right old bean. You blog for you and only you and only when you want to.

Carol took me to the Opera once.

It was so loud I felt safe to give her my view.

Just as I said "Carol! It's all in foreign!" they hit a very quiet bit.

Carol gracefully slipped down off her seat to the floor and I pretended to be a drunk (no change there then) and retired to the bar.

I'd actually go again but Carol thinks I'm too higher risk!..;-)