21 February 2010

What a delight it was to hear of your Uncle Ned's untimely passing. . . .

I have now resolved to correct two deficiencies in my deportment. The first is my delinquency in responding to comments on postings here. Here is what has been going on. I am always terrified to read the comments underneath my postings. It is only after a week or so has passed that I gather the courage to look at the comments under that posting of more than a week ago.

For quite some time I did post a response to those comments. Then I considered what the point of that was. Nobody goes back to look at the comments under a posting of more than a week ago. So I became feckless at posting responses to comments. However, let me be clear. I have been reading the comments, but I have been reading them only after gathering my courage over several days.

This is silly. The comments have uniformly been more kind than was justified. Therefore, I am resolved to read all comments promptly henceforth. My new rule of thumb is that I shall read all comments within 24 hours and post some response if it is warranted.

My second resolution is very closely related to the one above. I have been utterly without conscience for years regarding sending people appropriate greetings on holidays and congratulations on various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the deaths of people we are both glad to be rid of.

To tell you the truth, I cannot remember the last time that I sent anyone a card of any sort. I wish to emphasize, however, that I always do know when it is somebody's birthday, for example. The occasion of the day seems always to cross my mind while I am brushing my teeth or urinating in the morning.

Furthermore, I am not going to resort to Hallmark® to express my sentiments for me. I am actually going to inscribe these cards with my own sentiments myself. That leaves only the choice of the medium, which had me nonplussed for awhile. La Mexicana has promised to help me choose some appropriate little cards of various kinds and envelopes with which to do this.

I can set my Windows® Calendar to nudge me when it is time to send out one of these little cards sufficiently in advance to allow for the three weeks required by the Mexican postal system for handling. The folks are going to want to see a beautiful Mexican stamp after all. If anyone does not receive a card, it will be because it was misplaced by that system not because I did not send one.

Who now dares to say that I will never change? Obviously, that has been said often in the past by some. I am going to make those people liars. The simple pleasure in that will in itself carry me forward in my resolutions.

Who knows? Perhaps I shall someday even consider cohabiting with an animal again--the four-legged variety, not the two-legged variety.

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