01 February 2010

A Walk with Zumm: Installment II

It is not a worse neighborhood. It is only a different neighborhood. Generally, a friendly response from the folks. The kids want to pet Zumm because he is a bit out of the ordinary. All that.

At the end of Calle San Jorge there is a little plaza overlooking the valley where what I call "the projects" are. We are going to descend. Then we will turn left and walk past the park. Then we will turn left again and ascend, running the gauntlet of the dogs.

The projects are on the left; the descent is on the right.

The descent

A dwelling on the left on the way down.

A dwelling on the right on the way down.

This house is fascinating to me. I would love to know the story behind it.

The projects on the left.

I cannot for the life of me figure out what sort of enterprise is being carried on here at the bottom. I must walk in sometime and find out.

A warm looking place at the bottom.

The park across the street from the projects. The edging for the walkways and the central garden are installed, but the project is temporarily abandoned, I presume because the money ran out. An old story.

The basketball court is in though.

The main street through the projects across from the park.

Now then, all we have to do is walk past the park up to that corner, turn left, and make the ascent.

The ascent.

The projects are always being expanded.

This guy is just loud, as are those that patrol the roofs along the way.

But do you see that guy coming from the left?

This one makes me start to look around for a piece of metal or a piece of wood that I might be able to use as a club. Big old Zumm pays him no mind at all. Old Zumm is concentrating only on the ascent at this point.

Home again.


Anonymous said...

Wow, those pictures tell quite a story. On a side note, I'm getting a Twitter authentication error message when I visit your blog tonight. I have no idea what that's about.

Señor Steve said...

That was undoubtedly because of a Twitter widget that I was playing around with, Mr. Anchovy. I have taken it down now.

Ruth said...

I have fallen for Zum. My kinda dog.

Four Dinners said...

Zumm roools!!!!!!!

I think the least he deserves is his own blog!!!!...;-)

Love the pics old bean.

A world away for me.