09 February 2010

A Stroll Around Pozos

And so I must return to Mineral de Pozos again. I still have not visited the ruins that I wish to see. More importantly, the abandoned mines are still there somewhere.

Pozos reminds me a good deal of Real de Catorce. The big difference is that it is arranged over rolling terrain, not spread out over the side of a mountain. The occupied structures in the town sit among the ruins.

For the time being, a stroll about town:

We picked some impromptu guides during our stroll and ultimately dropped them off at their home.



A grand total of nine children in the family. If I had acceded to their wishes, I would still be there, still taking pictures of them all.


Four Dinners said...

Lovely looking family old bean.


I love cactii and buy them on a regular basis.

Not only do they not grow that big they invariably die within a month or two.

I love cactii and this upsets me greatly. I require words of advice from a man who must know as he lives amongst them.

Am I the cactii equivalent of a mass murderer?...;-)

Señor Steve said...

Obviously, Four, I am every bit as much a fan of cacti as you are. And I have had every bit as many problems maintaining them in the domestic setting, too. For a time I switched to other succulents and killed them in droves for awhile. Jade plants and the like. A little change of pace.

mr_wingert said...

i find it amusing you get all those people to pose for photos ... but you're a wordsmith

Señor Steve said...

Actually, in this case the kids begged me to take their pictures, Wings. They loved looking at themselves in the view finder afterward. You would have thought that I was showing them a new invention or something.

As I said, had I fully cooperated with them, I would still be there taking pictures of those little girls so that they could look at them.

mr_wingert said...

it looks like you are in bolivia, where butch and sundance made their last stand