11 February 2010

The Mestizo

The ethnicity of the Mexican people is a walking history lesson.

Overwhelmingly, the ethnicity of Mexicans is Indian.

Unlike other former Spanish colonies in the New World, persons of African descent are a negligible part of the Mexican population. Indians provided the slave labor here.

In colonial times the small minority of pure European descent was divided into two groups. There were the Peninsulars, those of pure European descent--without contamination with Arab blood, by the way--who had been born in Spain. The second group of pure European descent were the Creoles, those born in the new world. Political power was reserved to the Peninsulars in spite of the growing economic clout of the Creoles. This political discrimination formed the true motive for the War for Independence, the motive that gave it the impetus to succeed. Forget about amorphous terms like "liberty." Always follow the money.

Lastly, there was that relatively large group of mixed blood persons, children of Spanish fathers and Indian mothers, called Mestizos. Their status in colonial society was an ambiguous one, tainted as they were with the assumption of illegitimacy. It was possible, however, to modify this status with the application of money. Spanish fathers sometimes purchased social status for their Mestizo children through forged birth certificates, for example, if their Mestizo child looked white enough.

Irrespective of their problematic status in earlier times, Mestizos in my opinion are endowed with more than their fair share of physical beauty.


Four Dinners said...

....and then some.

Why oh why oh why oh why are humanity so obsessed with politics???

'I know' said one human being to the other, 'let's do politics!'

'Why?' said the other

'Cause corruption is FUN!!!!'

Have a good weekend old bean

Señor Steve said...

What a great question, Four!

Perhaps in a better world there would be no politics in the sense you use the word. Unfortunately, in this world you need at least to keep an eye on politics. Politics can kill you.

Or worse yet--because I know where your heart lies--kill ones you love.