28 February 2010

Eating Cactus

Nopale cactus.

After all my complaints about constant food conversations, I got involved in passing along recipes over at Mr. Anchovy's post entitled Hot hot hot.

Above is a picture of a nopale cactus. You have all seen them.

Here are de-fanged plates from a nopale ready to be cooked.

Here the diced plates from a nopale cactus are being cooked with a bunch of other stuff.

Here is the omelet that was stuffed with diced nopale and the other stuff. I neglected to take a picture before I took a couple of bites.


Four Dinners said...

Well it ain't Brussel Sprouts therefore I would eat it!!!

That omelette looks delicious by the way!

Ruth said...

If you served me nopalitos, senor, I would happily eat them. However, they're a little slimy for my taste.