27 February 2010

Catching Up

I did stop to check on Frank yesterday.

Frank is actually building cabinets.

This is more in line with his calling than his earlier attempt at dress making, but the guy had become a little desperate.

The roof of Stephen's house has been converted into a carpentry shop. Frank is Stephen's son-in-law for those who do not recall.

Bubba and Louie do not care.

Some shots of the roof before it was turned into a carpentry shop. We attended a house party there are Christmas time.

Stephen has been off traveling and camping with Lorraine for more than a month now. I lost track of them in the Oaxaca area, although word has it that they will arrive back in town tomorrow.

We visited Stephen's house shortly after he moved in along with his daughter, Allyson, and Frank. I am not sure that Stephen has any idea about the transformation of his roof. I am sure there will be no problem. He is about as laid back as they come.

We visited Lorraine's house previously, too.

Allyson and I at Pátzcuaro. . .

. . . and across the lake at Isla de Janitzio.

Meanwhile, Allyson is off in Querétaro living with a woman and assisting her after her hip replacement—the woman's hip replacement, not Allyson's. In a former life Allyson was a licensed therapist who worked in a care center up north. Anyway, it is hard to keep track of these people.

Speaking of keeping track of people and for the benefit of some locals, Fabien and Maga are off in Guatemala somewhere.

Fabien and Maga.

The photos above were sent to me by Fabien from Guatemala with absolutely no explanation whatsoever, as usual.

Reminiscing just a bit, this is one of my favorite pictures of Fabien and Maga when we were atop the sacred mountain, Cerro del Quemado, near Real de Catorce late in August.

Chris, the Belgian backpacker, about whom I have written entirely too little, is in Tepoztlán when last I heard.

So there. We are caught up. . . Well, not quite yet.

Here is the latest photo of the interesting traffic situation at the intersection of Ancha San Antonio and Cardo.

I did pet the dog yesterday. . . in my very cool Che Guevara tee that I love by the way.

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Four Dinners said...

Great pics and great to meet your pals!

Dress making eh? That would have been a worry. Especially if he was modelling them as well...;-)

Che still lives in spirit!!!!