07 February 2010


I have taken you to Atotonilco before in connection with the day trip to Dolores Hidalgo. It is a little village that has kept pulling at me since. I returned for a Sunday afternoon there today.

The Santuario de Atotonilco has through the centuries been a popular destination for Mexicans in the mood to do penance.

At the time of the earlier trip, the sanctuary was obscured by scaffolding. Restoration was in process. The restoration is complete for the time being. I know. I know. In one sense, once you have seen one of these, you have seen them all. Still, I am particularly fond of this one.

This is the chapel on the side along with a shot of the ceiling.

The street in front of the sanctuary is full on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

You can purchase these devices made of rope for use in flagellating yourself. You beat your own bare back with these.

Hand made crowns of real thorns are shipped in at wholesale by the cardboard box full.

It was not that long ago that I was fearful about eating in a Mexican restaurant, let alone a food stand in the street. Not that long ago. Today I wolfed down one of these great tortillas and eat the mixed potatoes and carrots on the side, all with my fingers while standing in the street. I do not know whether one ought to call this progress or not.

I must do some research to determine what was located in these ruins abutting the side of the church. They fascinate me.

According to a sign posted there, these ruins are for sale. You can buy the whole complex or you can buy a part of it. I would hire somebody to examine the documents of title carefully though.

Unfortunately, illegal dumping is always a problem in Mexico. The poor people simply cannot afford to pay anything for the disposal of their trash. There is of course some individual slovenliness involved, too. A poor village such as this cannot pay anyone to clean up the public areas either.

This is a typical Mexican woman with a bag load of trinkets from the market resting her feet.


Ruth said...

Some truly excellent photos.

Four Dinners said...

Great pics old bean!!!

I do penance in The Five Bells Pub in Harmondsworth.

Not really the same thing though eh?...;-)