31 January 2010

A Walk With Zumm: Installment I

The whatever-it-is tree in the courtyard loves January.

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My wall.

I have enjoyed many a walk with Mr. Anchovy and his dog and 27th Street. I decided to grab the camera and take you along on a walk with Zumm. In the past I have been inclined to post pictures of the quaint, the picturesque, and the beautiful. Zumm prefers going in the other direction deep into the heart of Colonia San Antonio.

It is what the realtors would call a “mixed neighborhood,” I think. The following are an assortment of dwellings.

Across the street. Everyone, regardless of income, loves potted plants.

I like this house. Surprisingly, Colorado plates on the vehicle. What are they doing over here?

My favorite hardware store in passing, closed for the Sabbath.

Another dandy.

Some abandoned projects. Sometimes folks just run out of money.

A lot for sale. In case you are interested, I have included the realtor's sign.

Looking back on Calle San Jorge at the dome of San Antonio Church in the distance.

At the end of Calle San Jorge before the descent.

In the forthcoming second installment, Zumm and I will descend down into the area of the low income housing project and run the gauntlet of our nemeses, the dogs there.

My wall.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to meeting the low-income dogs.

Sheila said...

I love the new header picture

Four Dinners said...

My! What big walls you've got!..;-)

Smashing pics old bean. I like the new header 'n all.