12 January 2010

Some Perspective

It always seems that just when you are hard pressed to think of something to bitch about, life presents you with something to bitch about. In my case life has presented me with the coldest January in this city that anyone around here can remember, including the old salts.

As I type, it is 44° F. (6.7° C.) and heading for a low tonight of 39° F. (4° C.) But I am an Iowa boy. What is so bad about that? Well, again, it is very nearly the same temperature inside that it is outside. Not just in my shelter. Everywhere. That is what makes it interesting.

I need to get real about this. The fact is that life has never been better. There will come a break in this weather soon, and we can get back to talking about food, everyone's second favorite subject.


Bloggerboy FFM said...

You're a tough hombre Steve for sticking it out in the cold. Me, I'd of checked into something like this a long time ago.

http://realadventures.com/listings/1034156_Alcatraz-Hostel. Best of all: No curfews. Rates starting at $ 9 a night.

I don't want to get too personal, but how are you set on thermal underwear? I've been amazed at the cheap prices for perfectly good breathable sports thermals at Aldi here in Germany. Maybe Mexico has similar deals. Whereas you'd pay well over EUR 35 to EUR 65 for a good thermal long-sleeve shirt from, say Odlo, Aldi sells stuff for more like EUR 9 to EUR 15. I've used my biking undershirts in the alps for cross country skiing and they were just fine. Sorry to run on. Stay healthy.

Four Dinners said...

Just listening to The Smiths...'Panic'

Why is this relevant?

The chorus is my kinda perspective.

"Hang the DJ Hang the DJ Hang the DJ"

Sounds good to me...;-)