02 January 2010


From the current Civil List along with my thoughts as I read:

Re: REWARD for LOST DOG named HOBO - lives in San Anonio
d wood wrote:

REWARD $1000 PESOS being offered. Hobo is still missing. Any sightings?

Photos and phone contact for owner below. d wood

[One thousand pesos converts into $76.44 American at the current rate. Not bad. I am keeping my eyes peeled for Hobo myself, but no sightings here yet.]

Re: REWARD for LOST DOG named HOBO - lives in San Anonio
Megan wrote:

Has the owner checked the pound? If this is the dog I think it is, he is a terrific, friendly, sweet dog. Sometimes, he comes along with us when we walk our dog. I gave him some water and treats Monday morning.


[Did you give any water and treats to the little old lady who begs in the street outside the pharmacy, Megan? She is terrific, friendly, and sweet, too.]

Re: REWARD for LOST DOG named HOBO - lives in San Anonio
d wood wrote:

Owner will thank you! He visits a lot of his friends, especially his girlfriend pooches. He's being trained to stay in garden and wait for regular walks but so far howls to get out and rebels when collar on. Must be he loves both worlds, being a street dog for his freedom but also appreciating all the love he's getting at home. It's dangerous out there so owner has decided to let him howl away from now on and hope she doesn't get evicted for the noise. We're all praying he's safe and will turn up as usual or she'll get a call to pick him up. Hobo is one of her many rescues.

d wood

[Mr. Wood, you indicate below that Hobo was recently neutered by the kind lady who took him in--or at her behest in any event. He may still be visiting girlfriends but only as a consultant now.

I do agree with your analysis that he probably loves both the freedom of the street and the love he gets at home. Hobo will just have to learn, as so many of us already have, that you cannot work both sides of that deal indefinitely.

The "owner" was on the right track by letting him howl. That is what I would have done. To hell with the neighbors.

I, too, pray for Hobo's safe return. Right after I pray for that little old lady who begs in the street outside the pharmacy.]

Re: REWARD for LOST DOG named HOBO - lives in San Anonio
Chris wrote:

Hobo followed me all the way to Cafe Monet few weeks ago. When I left the restaurant, he was gone.

He comes by my house every once and a while. I'll grab him if I see him.

Good to see you "tutored" the guy. He's a great dog.


["Tutored?” Hobo has been "tutored?" Did I miss something, Chris?]

Re: REWARD for LOST DOG named HOBO - lives in San Anonio
dwood wrote:

Second photo (he's now neutered) Very friendly so someone may have thought he was a stray and taken him in for adoption. Knows his way home.

[If Hobo knows his way home and does not go home, Mr. Wood, then he obviously does not want to go home, does he? It would therefore appear that he has wholeheartedly opted for the freedom of the streets. Or, as you speculate, he may already be hustling a new "owner" for awhile.]

Re: REWARD for LOST DOG named HOBO - lives in San Anonio
dwood wrote:

Posting for friend, slipped out without collar Thanks d wood

Re: REWARD for LOST DOG named HOBO - lives in San Anonio
Anne wrote:

What a tragedy that Hobo's owner didn't take the time to train him to wear a collar, whether the dog liked it or not. Not only a collar, but one with a disc engraved with his address and phone no. as well as a rabies disc. It really takes so little effort. You don't know how many times I've heard people say, "His collar was on the kitchen table!" about their lost dog or cat. What on earth good does that do??? By the way, passable engraving is done by the watch shop on Orizaba. I remember someone asking this question a while back.

I hope Hobo's owner finds him and that he immediately trains him to accept a collar that will never be taken off. My chief street dog, Pancho, loathed his collar when I first adopted him. He would fly into a total panic and contort his body trying to get it off. After a short time he learned to love his personal "jewelry" and whenever I remove it to bathe him he goes into an anxiety attack until it's replaced around his arrogant neck.

Best of all would be to prevent Hobo from going out alone - difficult I agree as these street dogs always seem to crave their escape time until they're hungry or cold, then they come crawling home to their food and warm bed. But with a little care it can be done. He sounds like a wonderful dog - what a shame if he has been stolen or run over. So much worth a little time and effort to keep him safe.

Good luck,

[It is a pity how ignorant other dog owners are, isn't it, Anne? Alas, so few of them have your expertise in these matters.

I am a bit more troubled than you apparently are by the fact that Pancho suffers an anxiety attack when his collar is removed from his arrogant neck. Could it be that he has become as neurotic as you are?

Do I detect a note of insincerity in that "good luck," Anne? I sense that your real hope is that Hobo actually has been stolen or run over. That would teach these ignorant fucks a lesson, wouldn't it, Anne?]

Re: REWARD for LOST DOG named HOBO - lives in San Anonio
Chris wrote:

I don't know the owner but I do know that Hobo AKA Nico AKA Chico was without a home as of a few weeks ago. He was injured (my neighbor gave him medicine), suffered from parisites and wasn't nuetered.

When I took on my street dog, I "didn't no nuthin' about raising no puppy"

So let's give the new "duena" some slack. On our street, we all loved him but had our own dogs and couldn't take him in.

I'll keep an eye out. He comes by for his hueso once and a while.


[I am with you, Chris. If the "owner" is in the business of taking in street dogs and paying out more than $75.00 American to get one back every time it runs away, then she is more to be pitied than blamed.

Still and all, just how many aliases can a dog have and still know when you are talking to him and not the dog next to him?

There is a clue here. What sort of “medicine” was it that your neighbor gave him? Is it the same “medicine” that your neighbor himself takes? Hobo could be over on the west side right now desperately looking for another fix. I think that I will take a drive over there and look around for a strung out dog. One thousand pesos is one thousand pesos. If I collect, I will give it to the little old lady begging in the street outside the pharmacy just to see the look on her face when I hand her one thousand pesos.

At least Hobo a/k/a Nico a/k/a Chico is neutered now and parasite free, wherever he is out there. And your Spanish is coming along well, Chris. One has to look on the bright side of things.]

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Beej said...

Maybe Hobo took off with Abe from your post below. Personally, I think that poor old lady begging on the street should go with Abe.