23 January 2010

Reading Project

The Lacuna is Barbara Kingsolver's newest novel, which is set in México. I have launched into this novel in anticipation of her appearance here at the San Miguel International Writers' Conference next month. I will be attending that, including the question and answer session with her regarding this book. If anyone happens to be reading this one and wishes to pose some piercing question to her by proxy, let me know. I will hold her feet to the fire and get an answer for you.

There is the end of the substance of this posting. Read on only if you have time on your hands.

I have not read one single thing by Ms. Kingsolver. Never been tempted. Perhaps I am the only one hereabouts who has not read The Poisonwood Bible. She has her avid fan base, she does.

Book club members all over town are also reading The Lacuna in anticipation of her appearance. This phenomenon is primarily at the encouragement of The San Miguel Literary Sala. I note this statement at their site:
No matter where you live, or where you'll be in February when Barbara Kingsolver is in San Miguel, you can be in the literary vortex, right here, online (though you know we'd rather meet you in San Miguel!).

I cannot figure out what that “online” business means. Moreover, I am not a member of any book club here wherein I might ask since I prefer my own online discussion group, Constant Reader. It is so difficult to get up in the middle of an “in person” book club meeting and leave. Anyway, for what that is worth.

Lastly, I was amused to note this in the billing for the conference:
In celebration of Kingsolver's persuasive defense of eating local, organic food in Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, your meals will be local, organic, and gourmet - hosted by international culinary master planners & chefs, Michael Coon & Kim Thomas.

Some time ago, one of my online friends wrote that upon reading The Bean Trees, she found Ms. Kingsolver to be preachy. This view was further supported in October 17, 2007, when another online friend wrote that while she accepted the premise of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, she wanted to hit Ms. Kingsolver over the head with a shoe just as she had wished to do with John Robbins, the author of Diet for a New America: How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health, Happiness and the Future of Life on Earth. In view of the fact alone that he came up with a title like that, I could understand her sentiments concerning Mr. Robbins.

I am going to assume that Ms. Kingsolver's alleged preachiness is limited to her non-fiction work until I learn otherwise.


Four Dinners said...

I'd like to eat organic food but it's so bloody expensive compared to other stuff!!!

Still...hopefully I'll qualify as a driving instructor over the next 6 weeks or so and start earning again...then I just might go organic!

Robyn said...

The Poisonwood Bible is what kept me sane for the four days I was in jail because of my idiot son...remember that story? It was the biggest book I could find on the book cart when they finally let me out of that room long enough to shower, make a phone call, and get something to read before locking me in again. This book brings back SO many feelings.