15 January 2010


We are not quite through with the subject of weather. I have continued to stay hunkered down, waiting out January. Today, just to add insult to injury, it rained. A lot. I got caught out in it.

Rain like this is unheard of here in January. This is the uptown bus stop. Those sculpted trees are amazing. They soak up a lot of rain before it starts to drip through underneath.

If you want Juan the Movie Pirate's café to yourself, go there in the rain.

And if a level table is absolutely essential for your dining experience, forget about Juan's.

The roof drains were raising hell with those of us on the sidewalks.

This, my friends, is hail. Shop owners routinely set out buckets to catch rain water for use in mopping and such. Water is life, you know.

My most trusted weather source says that it will be sunny and back to 73° F. (23° C.) next Wednesday.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

While hunkered down, I got caught up in a project over at goodreads.com /Constant Reader /Classics Corner /War and Peace /page 4. The long discussion of War and Peace took place some time ago. However, a reading friend, Molly, who blogs at The Bumbles Blog, is just now taking up the novel and intends to blog it while reading it. Another blogger friend of hers is going to do this, too. Molly is a New Englander and a hard core Red Sox baseball fan and Bruins hockey fan, too.

Molly wanted suggestions as to how to divide up some of the major characters between them for the purpose of this blogging. Of course I waded in with a suggestion, which resulted in the whole discussion being revived again. It is done now once again, thank God.

I mention this because if any of you have had the desire to take up this novel but have never got around to it, now is the time. Reading it along with Molly would be a trip, I think. A good trip.

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