01 January 2010

Palacio de Bellas Artes

The Palacio de Bellas Artes in México City is as imposing a structure as you will run across.

There is a large plaza in front. I visited this building on December 19.

I neglected to pay the few additional pesos at the admissions desk that were required for permission to take pictures. Consequently, after taking only a couple of pictures inside, I was unceremoniously shut down by security.

There are an enormous number of pieces of art on exhibit in this building. Murals by David Alfaro Sequeiros are featured here. Sequeiros was a true red, true communist believer throughout his life. A man's man, he fought in the Spanish Civil War. His other red credentials were impeccable. His style is remarkably different than Rivera's.

The Sequeiros murals in Bellas Artes are even more difficult to photograph. They are situated around the balcony of the third floor. The most famous features the personification of democracy in the form of an aggressive, full-breasted woman breaking loose from her chains:

The New Democracy

This is my photograph of the same mural from the other side of the top floor. You can see some visitors walking in front of it, which will give you some idea of its scale.

Some other Sequeiros murals in Bellas Artes:

And lunch afterward at the famous La Opera bar, nothing but classy inside:

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