31 January 2010

The Mex Files

And I must mention The Mex Files again. The Mex Files is a very serious blog with more than one contributor. It features very intense and well researched commentary relating to Latin American affairs as well as some great sardonic humor. It is “must reading” in English for anyone interested in Mexican current affairs, as most Americans most singularly are not.

Recently, another great piece was posted on the giant shadow economy of marijuana. Is "shadow economy" the right phrase?

I was also interested to read that Latin Americans are the happiest of the happy.

After such serious reading, one simply must visit Four Dinners just to cleanse the palate.

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Four Dinners said...

I've been called many many many things over the years - frequently all too sadly accurately....but a palate cleanser?

hehehehe...makes me sound like a new brand of mouthwash!!! Love it! Cheers old bean