16 January 2010

Live From Daryl's House

Just a heads up that the latest episode of Live From Daryl's House is up now. It features guest artist Eli “Paperboy” Reed, a disgracefully young guy who has it figured out. If you enjoy classic R&B, you ought to watch this episode. Big horns. Alan Gorrie is the Scot on Bass and one of the founding members of The Average White Band. The whole package, and lots of fun.

If you listen to nothing else from this episode, listen to Take My Love With You all the way through.

The stream seems to work a bit better for me on Internet Explorer than it does on Mozilla Firefox.

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The following is something I posted elsewhere concerning Daryl Hall's site last September 18:

Episode 22 of Live from Daryl's House with Smokey Robinson. Great talk, killer music with quality sound--especially through the headphones--no commercials, and absolutely free.

Ooo, Baby, Baby is tacked onto the end of Sara Smile and is not listed.

I have been following this site for a long time, the 15th of every month, although somehow I missed August 15. The podcast is really a trailer. You can download the complete shows directly from the site. The primary advantage of downloading is that you can more easily skip through Daryl's monologues. I generally just stream it on the computer.

As I said before, the sound is great, at least to the extent that my old ears, burned out by so much rock n' roll, can still judge it. I just put the earphones on and crank it.

In this episode, blessedly, Daryl Hall does less talking and Smokey Robinson does the most--charming reminiscences. This is an extraordinary episode as a result.

That which I truly enjoy are the episodes in which Daryl Hall brings in young, lesser known artists that he has found as guests. Episodes 10 ("Chromeo") and 12 (Eric Hutchinson) are my favorites in that regard. Although "Company of Thieves" from Chicago are very good (Episode 15) and so is KT Tunstall in Episode 5.

KT Tunstall is Scottish, and she is killer. That little gal's voice has some real punch.

And, oh my goodness, I neglected to mention Mutlu from Philadelphia in Episode 7. Mutlu was a revelation. I purchased his disk from iTunes and listened to it damned near all the way to México.

Okay. Let me just concede that my favorite episode is the one that I watched most recently.

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Four Dinners said...

Never heard of it. Far as I can tell....and I have looked...it doesn't appear to be available in't UK.

I'll keep an eye out for it.