11 January 2010

A Diversion

I look back at the last entry concerning those films, and I realize that I have become irascible. Insulting to the folks who read this blog and their spouses and children, too, if they have them.

It is just that I am so goddamned cold.

Does anyone have any idea how to do a price comparison between blowing your nose in tissue and blowing your nose in toilet paper? I would have no idea how to go about the mathematics of that. My gut tells me that it is cheaper to blow my nose in toilet paper. And that is what I have been doing.

Thank goodness that I found these fingerless gloves or there would be no pecking away at the keyboard at all, which is obviously how I try to pass a good deal of the time while waiting this out. This cold weather system has sat right down on top of me, and there is not one single place in this beautiful town to get warm.

I was standing in front of the stacks in the public library day before yesterday browsing for a book and could see my own breath. They are collecting blankets there for the local children, but I cannot give up any of mine. Children will always be with us just like the poor, as Christ said. Children are resilient.

In a desperate attempt to divert myself, I started to consider the short fiction contests being run at The Clarity of Night. Four Dinners put me onto this. You can enter anything, poetry, prose, or whatever. The entry simply must be 250 words or less. An entry in the current contest must also be inspired by this photo:

You can read Four Dinners's observations concerning the contest and his own brilliant entry here.

Here is my own entry:

Reply No. 26

idees some foks here have for runnin off birds roostin in trees in city park are ridiculus. honestly. i think they gakles some of them gakles took to roostin over my new porch swing a couple winters back. i can say that hangin cds and pots and pans in the raffers dind work the rubber snakes and the pastik hoot owl are still in the garage still covered with gakle poop. some say they is a thing you can hung up plug in what makes noise the birds hate. seems that only one store has them clean over in kansas and they cost. i mediated on the problem. a gakle is kind of raven. luke 12:24 consider the ravens, for they neither sow nor reap, which have neither storehouse nor barn; and God feeds them. of how much more value are you than the birds? phew. good qestion in the Good Book. i say some these foks with idees bout how to run off them gakles showing less brains then the gakles got. wich raises the neks qestion of who it is infestin this side of the river. gakles or peoples. may be we should be considerin how to run off somes of them foks wantin to blow off there remington 1100s and bottel rockets or stringin hot wires through the trees in the middle of the dammed city park. leave them dammed gakles be. they going to go on there own count one of these winter days. beulah

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Four Dinners said...

hahahaha!!! I love it!!!!!!

Good luck old bean.

I made the 'forties club' last time - no idea how....but I do it for the hell of it. It's fun!!!