02 January 2010

Can You Help?

Back in October I passed along a warning about Ouija Boards that had been posted on The Civil List. You will recall that The Civil List is a Yahoo Group, members only, catering to American expatriates in San Miguel and those of other nationalities who would like to do business with those expatriates in some way, shape, or form.

I promised that I would continue to pass along helpful and informative entries from The Civil List here. Obviously, I have not done well at that. I will do better.

On New Year's Day at 8:07 p.m. the following plea that touched me was posted:

Message No. 92870

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a college student currently staying with my mom in San Miguel. I will be going to Thailand in about a month. I started dating this lovely girl from my college a few weeks ago, and the unfortunate thing is that I probably won't see her for eight months; my heart feels like a wrung-out face cloth. It is fortunate that she lives in El Paso, Texas and I am in Mexico. It is unfortunate that I don't have very many pesos. Does anybody plan to make a trip in that general direction? I am good for conversation, I plan to be a spiritual counselor if you have had trauma in your life and want to talk about it, my mom will give me some cookies for the ride that I'd be willing to share, and I would contribute money to pay for gas. If fortune has it that someone is going this way, please contact me right away; I will forever be in debt and you'll have achieved some life-long good karma. Thanks for your consideration.


Now I am not too old to remember what it was like to be young with a heart that feels like a wrung-out face cloth what with needing a little quality time with the girlfriend. Still, it is 462 miles to El Paso from here as the crow flies. Therefore, driving up there must be at least a 550-mile trip. It does not sound as if Abe's contribution to the gasoline fund will be all that significant.

Of course the opportunity to talk over my problems with Abe is alluring. But with stops and all, one would have in excess of 15 hours in the vehicle with Abe to do this. I think I could fill up about 20 minutes of that time with the problems that I have right now. That would leave me with more than 14 hours in the car with Abe and no subject of conversation at hand other than his spiritual counseling aspirations. Some life-long good karma seems a pitiful recompense for that ordeal. So it all comes down to exactly what kind of cookies mom has in mind for this trip.

But the fact is that as Fortune has it currently, I am not heading anywhere near El Paso in the foreseeable future. Fortune has it that I will never be heading anywhere near El Paso for the duration of my brief awakening. I hope.

But if you are driving north to El Paso soon, maybe you could use some life-long good karma.

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Four Dinners said...

According to all that know me I am a cynic of the hightest order.

I will help me and mine.

The rest can go to hell.

Soz old bean.

If my lottery comes in tomorrow...well..that's a differnet story...