31 January 2010

The Bumbles Blog

I have been spending Sunday morning in quiet contemplation catching up on the other blogs that I follow. One is the referenced one. Molly is one of my reading pals, a happy gal and more importantly a great Red Sox fan. She is attempting to start a little movie meme at this entry: The Bumbles Blog: ON MOVIES ~ Beyond the Screen...

So then I read another of Boggerboy's great film reviews at his blog: Welcome Visitor: Two in a Row. (For some reason I cannot make the link work for Welcome Visitor over there in "Blogs More Worthy of Your Time and Effort." Perhaps he does not want such a thing to work.)

So then I am pondering how to get those two together, and I have started experimenting with this “Link” thing. This is my first attempt. Which then took me off into Google land, and I am trying to figure out this sharing thing in the Google Reader. The whole Google empire is a maze, and it is amazing.

By the way, Pilsen at Stagg's blog is a fascinating series of photos from that neighborhood in Chicago, apparently mostly Mexican.

Thusly the morning was wasted away with Zumm harassing me for a walk. Pleasantly wasted though.

Although I was stunned--absolutely stunned--when I looked at the electric calendar and realized that tomorrow is February 1.


Anonymous said...

nice template!

Señor Steve said...

Thanks, Mr. Anchovy. I finally had to update from the traditional template to the new one. It was a Saturday project complicated by the fact that I am less adept at XML than HTML. And I still have some tweaking to do.

There comes a time when you get tired of the old digs and need to move.

Bloggerboy FFM said...

Thanks for the plug Steve. The link in your post works fine. I certainly haven't knowingly done anything to prevent linking to my site. (God knows what I've unknowingly done.) Could it be something as simple as a typo in the link? I'll be sure to check out Molly's blog.


Four Dinners said...

It'll be Christmas before you know it!!!