20 January 2010


This is Antonio. I met Antonio during that visit to the spread near Mineral de Pozos. He lives on the grounds of the complex of four or five hacienda-style homes and is the man who makes it all work. I found him fascinating.

I had the opportunity to chat with Antonion briefly and listen to him chat with others. I sat next to him during the birthday dinner to which he was also invited. He speaks no English, but he speaks a slow, careful Spanish supplemented with gestures for the benefit of his norteamericano employers and guests. Physically, he is an imposing man who projects strength of spirit as well as body. He reminded me of the Iowa farmers among whom I grew up in the fifties. A real man of the earth.

With Mexican winter coat.

Antonio tends the horses on that spread. He tends to much of the provisioning of the place. He does what is necessary for his employers to continue to live in the fashion they do.

On Sunday night, he roasted corn in the husks over a wood fire in a fire pit fashioned out of cinder block. The corn on the cob here is not sweet as we are used to in Iowa. Not sweet at all. However, I am becoming accustomed to it. And I very much enjoyed simply being in the man's presence as he did this. He employes a calm competence with everything he does.

Antonio tutoring the folks in the fine art of pitching horseshoes.

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Four Dinners said...

He is indeed a big chap!!! It seems safer to be his friend!!!

Mind you...he sounds like the sort of chap you could always depend on.

My ambition is to one day visit all my blogmates...it may never happen but what the hell?

If it does I'll throw a few horshoes with you old bean...in between a few shots!!!