08 December 2009

Walking Tour

La Mexicana joined me for a walk about on Sunday, a beautiful, sunny day. The first leg of our trudge took us back to the tennis courts on Callejon San Antonio from her house on Calle Esperanza. We both live in colonia San Antonio, which roughly means the San Antonio neighborhood. The city of San Miguel is divided into colonias or neighborhoods, a fancy word for barrios. Her house is buried in a portion of that colonia that sees very few Americans, a reason to love it so. It is as Mexican as it gets in this town.

I thought it might be interesting for some to take that walk with me via photographs, mundane as that might be. For others this will no doubt be a puzzling bore. We are going to head generally east in a serpentine fashion.

Here we are looking back to the west from the intersection of Calle Esperanza with Calle Refugio toward La Mexicana's house, which is on Esperanza.

By making a quarter turn to the right, one is then looking up Calle Refugio roughly to the north. That is the direction we are headed first.

Here we have stopped at the intersection of Refugio with the street with no name. (By consulting a map, I have found that it does actually have a name, Calle Clavel.) We have made another quarter turn to our right and are looking up that street. The white building on the left is a carniceria, or butcher shop.

My great fruit and vegetable store is on the street with no name.

Here we are proceeding to the east and on up the street with no name to its tee intersection with Calle 28 de Abril Norte, the name of which commemorates a battle between the Mexicans and the French forces of the Second Empire.

We have made another right turn at that tee intersection and are looking roughly to the south on Calle 28 de Abril Norte. We are going to head up there next, or down there depending on your point of view.

We have come to the intersection with Calle de la Luz, which tees into Calle 28 de Abril Norte and have made a quarter turn to the left to face up Calle de La Luz, perhaps one of the most egregiously misnamed streets in the city in that it is pitch black at night. That is where we are headed next.

This is the tortilleria at the tee intersection of Calle de La Luz with Calle 20 de Enero. That street name also commemorates something obviously. I know not what. We are turning right again here.

This little old lady was selling miscellaneous crap off a table at her front door. She was sooooooo upset that I had taken her photo. I regret not having asked permission. She would be comforted to know that the camera was out of focus for some reason.

We are looking south along Calle 20 de Enero, the direction we must now go.

The convenience store on the right at the tee intersection of Calle Tinajitas with Calle 20 de Enero. We are going to turn left here.

We are looking to the east along Calle Tinajitas, the direction we must go next.

Need some used clothing?

My San Antonio Church and the neighborhood plaza that I have written of so much is immediately to the left. At this point we proceed on straight ahead, but Calle Tinajitas magically transforms itself at this point into Callejon San Antonio, San Antonio alley, which is my street.

The plaza in front of the church is all torn up now and being restored.

Here we are looking east along Callejon San Antonio toward its intersection with Ancha de San Antonio, “wide” San Antonio, about a block away. I put the word “wide” in quotation marks for more than one reason. Ancha de San Antonio is the main drag north and south in this part of town. The tennis courts where I live are immediately to the right.

This is a difficult walk when one is new at it because one can get lost so easily. It is still a difficult walk when one knows the way because the little sidewalks are so intermittent and the cobblestones so rough.

Upset later to see her own posture here, but it is difficult to sit up in those chairs. Great walking outfit.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Big power outage last evening, Monday evening. All of Colonia San Antonio was dark for the entire evening and into the wee hours of the morning.


Four Dinners said...

It looks to me like a world I would love.

Mind you, living in my town I might prefer Baghdad right now!!!...;-)

By the way. A question from an ignoramus.

What exactly is a 'Solipsist'? - I could have Googled it but I'm honest - even if it means I'm thick...;-)

Inquiring minds need to know

Señor Steve said...

Solipsism is a theory holding that the self can know nothing but its own modifications and that the self is the only existent thing. Extreme egocentrism, in other words. Therefore, a solipsist is one of those guys.

When I look up the word in my illustrated dictionary, Four, there is a little picture of you and a little picture of me next to the word.

Four Dinners said...

I could lie of course....


I was with you with 'Solipsism' but didn't really pick it it up again until 'guys'....;-)

I'll try again in't morning...hic..

g'night old bean...;-)

Stagg said...

Cool pics!!