01 December 2009

Roof Drains

It is a rare rainy day in San Miguel, which brings me to the subject of roof drains, the flat roof equivalent of eave spouts.

See those projections extending out from the roof? They serve to drain water off the flat roof. In even a moderate shower a flat roof of any size collects a lot of water. These drains extend out over the sidewalk. Walking down the sidewalk in the rain becomes an exercise in dodging the showers of water coming down from these roof drains.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Two young citizens in their sweatsuits in school colors whom I encountered while I was trying to take some illustrative photographs of roof drains for you.


Four Dinners said...

Now you have to admit 'roof drains' is hardly an inspiring title for a post....;-)

Never the less...as you are now my mate I have popped over.

I can only suggest that, on a particularly rainy day, you carry a tube of shower gel.

WTF? At least the water gets used!...;-)

Ruth said...