21 December 2009

Preliminary Report

There is an enormous number of Mexicans in México City. I thought it was the third largest city in the world. México City apparently edged out Mumbai, India, behind my back at some point and now holds second place with 18,131,000 people.

In any event, I am a believer now. México City is an incredible place. Overwhelming. It is most assuredly not just another big city.

Here we look out the door of the National Palace onto the Zócalo, the enormous main plaza.


Anonymous said...

Now that's a teaser if I've ever read one. You know we want to read all about it.

Sherry Keller said...

That's fascinating, Steve. I was in Rome, but I didn't see anything quite like that hole in the floor. Did the elevation give you any trouble?

Señor Steve said...

I personally did not feel the effects of the altitude, Sherry, although my companions, a couple from Vancouver, said they did. San Miguel de Allende, where I am living, is at 6,266 feet (1,910 meters) above sea level. I have of course become acclimated to that. México City is higher at 7,300 feet (2,240 meters), but apparently not enough higher to require me to acclimate more.

Four Dinners said...

'There is an enormous number of Mexicans in México City'

well you could have said 'there is an enormous number of pigeons in Mexico City' but it wouldn't have had quite the same ring to it...;-)

John said...

Is the air as bad as everyone says? It looks kind of murky in this photo.

Plenty of real snow here in Iowa, by the way, although we are currently staring down the barrel of a winter storm which threatens to bring freezing rain. Not useful for anything!