27 December 2009

Perfume on Tacuba

But first back to ciudad de Méxcio. . .

and Calle Tacuba, my favorite street.

Tacuba is just enough off of the beaten path in the central district to be a bit quieter, a bit out of the hurly-burly.

The National Art Museum is on Tacuba. It is one of the very old buildings that survived the earthquake but continues to slowly sink into the old lake bed.

An unintentionally artsy pic.

Down a way is the venerable Café Tacuba, founded in 1912, a famous little place that is a world class restaurant.

The book stalls in the alley off Tacuba.

But it is the perfumeries that caught my interest on Tacuba. There are several of them. I myself do not partake of perfume except that I cannot avoid perfumed bath soap here. Mexicans love perfume. However, I do find it a fascinating subject ever since reading the novel Perfume: The Story of a Murder by the great German novelist, Patrick Süskind. You can read two or three pages there if you wish, by the way.

The little gals in these perfume shops can knock off any famous perfume you wish or create a custom scent for you. They measure everything out on digital scales, add the pure scent to alcohol, or a combination of pure scents, with an eye dropper. They put it in a pretty little glass container for you. These containers come in various sizes and are quite fetching. And of course, everything is dirt cheap.

The ladies mixed up scents for all three of my companions, including the irrepressible Mark. It was just plain fun.

Perfumed to the gills, both of 'em.

Apropos of nothing, a successful Hispanic rock band named themselves Café Tacuba, by the way. I should write Café Tacvba. They changed the “u” to a “v” in the name to avoid problems with the restaurant. I do not think that would be enough to avoid problems in the United States. However, that would come within the ambit of a patent and copyright attorney. I have no expertise at all in that area, and I referred every client with a patent, copyright, or trade name problem. Every single patent and copyright lawyer whom I met through the years was weirdness itself.

Anyway, here is Café Tacuba. . .er, I mean Café Tacvba. Try them. You will like them.


Sheila said...

Just added an Indian flag to your blog list!

I'm sure I recognise that restaurant! I think I ate there - small world.

Re Suskind's Perfume, I just finished Anthony Cappella's The Various Flavours of Coffee - full of sensual aromas if you are looking for a read :)

Candy Minx said...

Ah yes Perfume...what a crazy book. I have the dvd version here too.

Big hugs to you!