09 December 2009

I Could Have Warned Them

Last Friday the Walking with Dinosaurs show from Australia opened in Guadalajara. This wonderful show featuring remote-controlled, robotic dinosaurs has toured worldwide and has been seen by more than 4 million people without previous incident.

Unfortunately, during the night after the first show in México closed on Friday, the baby robotic dinosaur, about 1.5 meters or 5 feet tall, was stolen. The little guy was worth about £60,000 Australian. The report that I read did not answer all my questions.

My unanswered questions are these:

1.Was the little guy enclosed within four concrete walls for the night along with the other robotic dinosaurs?
2.Were there broken bottles embedded in the concrete all around the top of those walls?
3.Did a human sleep within those walls with the robotic dinosaurs?
4.Did two dogs also sleep with the human and the robotic dinosaurs within those walls?

If the answer to any of those questions is “no,” then the result was perfectly predictable. A missing robotic dinosaur. If they did not take these elementary precautions then these Australian folks are lucky that they were left with any robotic dinosaurs at all. When you make this basic mistake in México, you pay immediately.

My other unanswered question is whether the thieves also got the remote for the little guy. How are the little Mexican children in Guadalajara supposed to play with him at Christmas without his remote?

Now, the open air markets are full of assorted remotes for sale—remotes by all the different manufacturers as well as universal remotes that can theoretically be programmed to operate anything. I was just browsing through hundreds of remotes at Tianguis de Martes here yesterday. The problem is that you need the numeric code, kind of like a password, for the particular machine in order to program a universal remote correctly for that machine. One's only option otherwise is to randomly try various combinations of numbers in the hope of stumbling on a code that works . . . . or seems to work.

I am concerned that if the thieves must resort to a universal remote, they may program it incorrectly. I can imagine them pressing “Mute,” for example, and then watching the baby dinosaur tear hell out of half of Guadalajara, perhaps even maim or kill a couple of children, before they locate the button that pauses him.

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Stagg said...

You are so right about the "security" of baby Dino!!