22 December 2009

Fun in the Snow

Okay, northerners. Get a load of this. Do you see these fabric Quonset huts? There were several of them in the middle of the Zócalo, the main plaza.

School was out on Friday. These Mexicans are crowded around the fabric Quonset huts watching in fascination as their children fuck around in artificial snow inside. Various snow related activities for the children were set up in the Quonset huts.

For example, here are some children getting ready to buzz around on tiny snowmobiles. As you can see, the artificial snow is pretty pathetic by Canadian standards. Today it was a chilly but sunny high of 70°F. (21°C.) here and about the same in Mexico City when we were there--with the addition of smog of course.

These gentlemen are shoveling artificial snow, or what is left of it, into the quonset huts.

Which reminds me. We need a blast from the past:

Merry Christmas to everyone.
Feliz Navidad a todos.


Four Dinners said...

Its not bloody artificial over here. Freezing me nads off when I step out of the front door!

Have a crackin' Crimbo old bean

Anonymous said...

Merry Mexican Christmas Steve.