06 December 2009

Fortino Sequela

Fortino's effects spread like tentacles. There was actually good reason for not washing the truck. The dirtier, the more dented, the more hard used a vehicle appears, the more secure are the things in it.

You will recall that in México, you must sleep with everything you value inside four concrete walls with broken bottles embedded in the top of the walls. Then add two dogs.

On the Saturday evening after Fortino first washed the truck, I foolishly left it parked in the street. In México when you make a mistake like this, you pay. Immediately. It is a simple rule. A simple rule that I disregarded.

The truck sparkled, as I said, and that was like hanging a sign on it saying, “There are probably things in this truck that you would be interested in having.” Someone broke in under the tonneau cover over the bed of the truck and stole my big parachute bag with the tent and ground pads in it. Not a big loss, but a lesson reinforced.

It was certainly not Fortino. This sort of thievery is not his style.

1 comment:

Four Dinners said...

wire it to the mains when you're sleeping.

Allright the odd dog might unfortunately cock a leg but it would be effective!!!