06 December 2009

Fortino II

Stephen alias Allyson left a comment under Fortino below. What he did not reveal is that as it so happens, he stopped by briefly yesterday while I was making coffee for Fortino. Of course I did not tell Stephen that I was making coffee for Fortino. He did comment in passing that he had noticed Fortino washing my truck out in the street. He then said, "You know, that guy is continually hitting me up for money every time I see him." I nodded my head and thought to myself, "Stephen, if you only knew." Stephen obviously now knows, and he obviously does not have the same vulnerability that I do.

I was a little fearful of a lecture about survival in México from La Mexicana if she read the thing. She has now read the Fortino entry, but as great luck would have it, somebody failed to pay her back today as promised for a loan she made earlier in the week. That loan had something to do with a child's education, which is precisely where her vulnerability lies. So no lecture from La Mexicana.

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Four Dinners said...

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