17 December 2009

And Here She Is

Yes, I agree. Vanessa Mae has my leave to bob and weave as she wishes while playing her instrument. And she does so with style, but her gig is wildly different than first violin in a chamber orchestra. My beef is really more with violinists sitting in the orchestra who are excessively active.

This young woman reminds me ever so much of another named Kyung Sah Nah with whom I became personally acquainted many years ago in the Republic of Korea. The resemblance is eerily close and put me into a reverie.


Four Dinners said...

hahahahahaha!!! You absolute star!!!!

Four Dinners said...

Stephane Grappelli & Yehudi Menuhin eat yer hearts out!!!...;-)

Mind you they were both bloody good! Different styles certainly but bloody good eh?