08 November 2009

Sunday in the Park

From the profane to the sublime.

I have slowly lost interest in walking up town and spending time with the cosmopolitan crowd at El Jardin. I have been spending more time in the plaza de San Antonio less than a block from where I live. It is Mexican.

Aerial bombs went off this morning at 6:00 a.m. so close to me that I knew something was going on there today. I find now that the original purpose of these aerial bombs was to notify neighboring villages and neighborhoods that a party is about to occur. The aerial bombs this morning were so close and so loud that they set off car alarms on calle de Palma where Stephen, Frank, and Allyson live next to the plaza.

You will recall that not too long ago we got the young people through their first communion at San Antonio Church. Today we baptized babies. I arrived a bit late as the crowd was emerging from the church.

Pick a baby, any baby, and click on the photo.

All day music was provided from the steps in front of my grocery store next to the church, Abarrotes San Antonio, courtesy of a disk jockey with a huge bank of speakers. Mexican disk jockeys never short you on volume. The music then stopped for each mass during the day.

Around 3:00 a solo singer performed with his own background music on disk.

Then later came the rest of the little fiesta, which is the subject of the video that follows.


Four Dinners said...

You have a great life over there old bean. I'm envious.

Señor Steve said...

I do, Four. I do.

That Sunday afternoon in the plaza cost me 15 pesos (€0.75) for a cold bottle of Café Olé, coffee with milk, at Abbarotes San Antonio.

Anonymous said...

The video is appearing on my screen as a blank white rectangle. Not sure what is going on with that.

Thanks kindly, by the way, for introducing us to all the babies in Mexico.

Señor Steve said...

But I like babies, mr. anchovy. Made a few of them myself.

Vimeo, my video service, is having a problem currently. Hopefully, it is temporary, and your white box will soon fill up.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Senor. I saw that video was seven minutes long and didn't want to commit - how screwed up is that?

But commit I did, without effort. Fastest seven minutes I spent all day.

Señor Steve said...

Seven minutes is asking a lot, Mike. I realize that. Had I myself been in your shoes, I am not sure I would have committed.