29 November 2009

The Stables

Rich people tend to purchase stuff that they do not use. This stuff we refer to as “accumulations.” Rich folks' garages are full of automobiles and motorcycles that they neither drive nor ride. Marinas are full of rich folks' sailboats that they do not sail. Some wealthy people also stable horses that they do not ride.

I find that not owning stuff is enormously liberating. However, it is still important to know people who do have the stuff. In this way one can still enjoy stuff without the burden of responsibility that accompanies ownership of stuff.

My friend Allyson, who you will remember is from Montana, is a horse enthusiast without sufficient funds for her own horse. She came up with a brilliant idea. She placed an ad offering to tend and exercise horses for those who have neither the time nor the inclination to tend or exercise their own horses here. She got the work.

On the way to the beach recently, Frank and I had to pick up Allyson at the stables to the west of town. I found the stables to be quite striking and took some photographs.

The tack room and bridle rack are impressive.

The horses appear interested because I was feeding them carrots.

Poor people exercise their own horses.


Beej said...

Feed me and I am interested, too.

Beautiful stables.

Ruth said...

Wow. Un palacio por los caballos.

Four Dinners said...

ok I'm converted.

I am now a Buddhist.

I will be reincarnated as a horse.

I will live there.

Actually, sod reincarnation, I'll live there now and pretend to be a horse...;-)