23 November 2009

Some Soft Facts

A bit of text is in order. I have only the vaguest idea where we are precisely. I know that we are on the Pacific coast of México. I believe that we are a little north of a city called Zihuatanejo instead of a little south of Zihuatanejo, as we had originally planned. On the Bahia de Petulcalco in a village called Trocones. I just found out from a waiter. I had my map out.

[I had my map out. I typed this by the beach, but I have had to come into sweltering downtown Zihuatanejo to an internet joint in order to post it.]

If you look at a map, we are somewhere north of Acapulco about one-third of the way to Manzanillo.

Paradise. Absolute paradise.

Let us give the sunrise this morning some equal time with the sunset of the night before last.

On Satuday in the late afternoon, we drove into this village and stopped to eat at the first beach front hotel and restaurant that we happened upon. We then asked if we could camp on their beach. No problem. No charge. We can use their poolside showers and restrooms and internet connection. All they ask in return is to see our lovely faces occasionally. We have no problem with that. We eat like kings here. I sit on their deck looking at the ocean as I type, drinking an herbal iced tea.

Huevos Veracruz

Unfortunately, the internet connection here is intermittent because the electrical service is intermittent. The electricity was out from mid-afternoon until the wee hours of the morning last evening. I took advantage of the semi-darkness of a quarter moon to take a skinny dip in the Pacific at around 10:00 p.m. I had no idea that I would ever have the chance to skinny dip in the Pacific. I got that task out of the way last night. A little frightening out there in the breakers at night, to be honest.

The following photo shows the Hotel Trocones' beach front restaurant.

As one faces the beach, our campsite is to the right.

Between the restaurant and the campsite is the massage cabana that is only manned on weekends. We pass midday out of the sun in that cabana. Read and chat.

Other than that we spend and enormous amount of time in the water. It is incredibly warm and incredibly clear. We are assured that there are no sharks by the locals who have every economic reason in the world to lie to us about that.

I do not need the wet suit to keep warm. In fact it is too hot. However, the added buoyancy is marvelous out there. Beyond the breakers, I can float on my back as if I were on an inflatable raft. And with a pair of small fins, I can move about at will as well. When Allyson had my goggles on yesterday, she spotted a large manta ray. I myself have seen only small creatures. The hermit crabs keep us company on the beach at night.

This is an iguana who hunts in the palm trees next to the massage cabana.

Each meal at Hotel Trocones take two hours at least. We usually have breakfast and lunch there, and then we nose around for some dinner. Last evening, I gathered enough beach wood for one fire, and we prepared quesadillas in aluminum foil next to the fire.

Frank and Allyson are going into the fish market at Zihuatanejo today. We intend to cook whatever they find over charcoal tonight in a cheap charcoal grill that Frank found.

We have the beach to ourselves. Today is Monday. We truly do have the entire area to ourselves now. It is so overwhelmingly beautiful that I cannot describe it.

Bubba and Louie are having a wonderful beach romp, also.

That is chocolate on the front of my shirt.


Adriana said...
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Adriana said...

Absolute paradise. it will be hard for you to come back.

Beej said...
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Beej said...

Where is the iguana photo? How big is it? Is it as big as my lizards?

Hermit crabs are adorable too.

Four Dinners said...


I have no intention of attempting to pronounce that...

The hounds are marvellous!!!

I am pissed. You are in a beautiful place......

Beautiful as it may be I am not going to attempt Zihuatanejo....

Beej said...

Four, my goodness! Can you say Maximusspittimus? If so, then you can say Zhitanejo... Zwauatneo... Zihatano.....

aww just forget it. Just call it Heaven instead.

Mentzer said...

Zihuatanejo --- I believe that was the destination of Andy Dufresne following his escape from Shawshank

one of my favorite movie quotes:
Andy Dufresne: You know what the Mexicans say about the Pacific?
Red: No.
Andy Dufresne: They say it has no memory. That's where I want to live the rest of my life. A warm place with no memory.

John said...

Camping on the beach, getting warn out in the surf then eating fire-cooked meals. Marvelous. By the way, in that photo of your feet I am pretty sure I detected an image of the Madonna.