12 November 2009

Pretty Pictures, Pretty Music

A video interlude. Pretty pictures, pretty music professionally done.

We must always invoke strategies to deal with that old bugaboo, Attention Deficit Disorder, a problem I myself am familiar with. This video is ten minutes long after all. Nearly endless, in other words. My suggestions are these. People who grapple with ADD as I do can watch only the first two minutes and then stop it. On the other hand, everyone is a free agent. But freedom is only freedom when it is exercised. Anyone may exercise his freedom in this case by declining to watch the video at all.

El Corazón de México
The Heart of Mexico

Believe it or not, the full video is fifteen minutes long! A lifetime. However, I had to lop off five minutes in order to fit it within Vimeo's ten-minute limit.

1 comment:

Beej said...

I suffer from adhd..well not really suffer. I'm used to it. But I sat through ALMOST all of it! It's beautiful and some of the sights I am familiarwith because of your past posts.

Thanks for sharing this.