06 November 2009

Nude with Calla Lilies by Rivera


Candy Minx said...


(I just watched Frieda again the other night, everyone is so good in their roles)

Candy Minx said...

p.. just played catch up...we've been swamped here with things (all good) so missed coming here for a few days...didn't even have time to blog at my spot...so check comments. I went back a couple days.


Four Dinners said...

That is beautiful.

....and just to maintain my street cred....nice ass....;-)

From't previous post....only time anyone tried to tow me away after parking I nicked his keys out of his ignition and said "Lemme car go or your keys are over that house roof".

He let me go. Nice chap. Bought him a beer.

Anonymous said...

Those are some heavy flowers.