04 November 2009

Isla de Janitzio

I must treat this recent trip to Pátzcuaro in the state of Michoacán in snippets. Frank, Allyson, and I spent Saturday and Sunday there. Monday was the official holiday known at Day of the Dead, El Día de los Muertos. Sunday was Day of the Infants, El Día de los Inocentes, the day dedicated to remembrance of deceased children. I have a much better understanding of all that now, although still admittedly imperfect. More about that later.

With this entry I want to describe as briefly as I can our trip out onto Lake Pátzcuaro by ferry to one of the several islands there, Isla de Janitzio. I have grabbed some commercial photos because the place is beyond my ability even to begin to capture it with my little camera. This island has a rich history going back to pre-colonial times. Indigenous people still inhabit the area.

Our musical entertainment on the ferry.

The island is dominated by a statue of don José María Morelos, a hero of the war for independence from Spain.

From the docks one climbs up to the summit on a long, winding stairs lined with shops and restaurants.

One of the several restaurants open out to the winding stairs.

Allyson and I after the trek up to the base of the statue.

The statue itself is hollow. A spiral staircase winds around the interior walls of the statue which is lined with murals depicting the story of the life of José María Morelos. Via this staircase one can climb to the top of the statue and look out over the village below and the lake. It is a spectacular view.

Frank on the descent.

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Candy Minx said...

I know I have been awol...we've just had an absolutley crazy mad busy week. We had a lot of paperwork...plus we have to paint a banner in the time frame of 2 days. I'm awake awfully early today in order to make my rounds of blogs. I'm playing massive catch up here.

This island has me speechless. I find it fascinating. How many people fit onto this little thing. I must ponder some more...absolutely wonderful!