18 November 2009

In the Interest of Fairness and Openness

In the interest of unbiased reporting, I must tell you that the information about the rebar that I gave you in the preceding post has been questioned. One thing certainly is beyond question. A lot of rebar is sticking out of the roofs, and I have the photos to prove it. Here is some background before I tell you my final conclusions concerning the truth of the matter about the reasons for that.

Concerning my guide in the art world here, Adriana. Adriana lived the first five years of her life in México City. Her mother was a member of the Mexican diplomatic service. Consequently beginning at the age of five, Adriana as a child and young woman came to live in many different places as a result of her mother's diplomatic postings. She lived in Los Angeles. While her mother continued to reside in Los Angeles, Adriana attended boarding school in Vancouver. Her mother was then posted to Caracas. During that time, Adriana attended boarding school in Switzerland. Following that, Adriana attended finishing school in Wadhurst, Sussex, in Great Britain. I am not going to attempt to summarize the rest of her extraordinary education.

At a relatively young age, Adriana married a gentleman who was to become a quite noted Mexican author. During their marriage they lived in Caracas, Madrid, London, and ultimately in México City after traveling through 22 countries. They were married for 23 years.

Adriana has lived for some time now in San Miguel de Allende after having left México City. She knows everyone here. That is not hyperbole. Even if Adriana has never met the person before, she knows that person and that person senses it immediately. When I walk alone from El Jardin uptown to my home, it takes me 16 minutes. When I take that same walk with Adriana, I have never made it in less than 53 minutes. It usually takes longer. We are accosted time and again on that walk by people who wish to speak with her.

She is an aficionado of Mexican politics and knows where many of the political bodies are buried. She has a wealth of facts and figures at her fingertips concerning the nation of México, and she is like a fish in the water when it comes to Mexican culture and art. In fact, she has been approached several times with requests that she run for public office here but has adamantly declined.

I can summarize the end result of my education at the University of Iowa this way. I learned how to muddle water and sugar correctly in the bottom of an Old Fashioned glass and all the subsequent steps necessary in order to construct that cocktail perfectly. As for as México is concerned, as I have assured you many times, I know little of any substance about it.

That brings me to the rub. Adriana has told me in no uncertain terms that the information that I gave you in the preceding posting concerning rebar and real estate taxes is not correct. Not accurate. Even worse, she had a very cogent explanation of her own for the rebar sticking out of those roofs.

I was in a quandary for only a short period of time. I had only to think of what Four Dinners would do in this situation. Would he consult references? Would he seek out some more information from a reliable and knowledgeable third source? Would he make the slightest effort at all to investigate further? No. After brief consideration, I soon had a perfect grasp how Four Dinners would handle this situation. It would be something like this. . . .

Adriana is entitled to her opinion concerning rebar and real estate taxes in San Miguel de Allende, and I am entitled to mine. However, since this is my blog and not hers, I can assure you that the information that I gave you in the preceding posting concerning rebar and real estate taxes in San Miguel de Allende is absolutely true in every respect. It is the gospel. You can rely upon it. You can go to the bank with it.


Anonymous said...

I personally like your expanation, and so I will take it to be gospel, notwithstanding any truth to the contrary.

Four Dinners said...

And I would too!! Trust me I'm from Oldham...

I'm not sure I'd use so many big words though...;-)

Anonymous said...

I personally like your explanation too. Har!