03 November 2009

I am alive!

New pullover on me this morning in front
of the cabana on Stephen's roof with Bubba.

I did arrive back home late Sunday evening from the side trip to Pátzcuaro, and I do have photos of the Day of the Dead doings there. However, in connection with that trip I mislaid my camera bag, which has in it the cord with which to connect my camera to the laptop. Instead of wasting a lot of energy searching for it yesterday, I took this approach. I sat out in the sun working on my tan and waited for the camera bag to reappear of its own volition. It did. Eventually, it got lonely and crawled out from under the front passenger seat of Frank and Allyson's truck.

I must get ready right now for another dinner party. I have a new shirt from the market at Pátzcuaro to wear. Should be good. I shall get back at it here either late tonight or early in the morning and catch y'all up.

New shirt with coffee this morning
in front of the cabana on Stephen's roof.

The menu tonight, I am told, includes mole, a salsa picante with chocolate added. I mention this because if I do not show up again here as promised, you will know that the mole got me.


Four Dinners said...

Mole???? Good grief....

The last time anyone over here ate mole was in WWII...and that was actually Moules Mariniere....I hope

Anonymous said...

Glad you're alive.

Señor Steve said...

Not the rodent, or whatever it is, Four.

Thank you for these very basic, fundamental sentiments, mr. anchovy.

Candy Minx said...

Love the new threads.