19 November 2009

Exceptional Real Estate

I believe there are still a couple of folks who follow this blog and are interested in photos of various living arrangements in San Miguel. This entry will be about my favorite house in San Miguel. It belongs to my friend Lorraine, a French Canadian. I have certainly been in larger and more elaborate homes. However, this is the one, as far as I am concerned. I do not fear hurting anyone else's feelings when I say that because the general opinion among my other acquaintances who own homes here is the same as mine. This is a dandy.

Lorraine still has a home in Montreal as well as a country home in Quebec. Her husband, an engineer by profession, passed away a short time ago. She speaks French, of course, English and Spanish. In my opinion she is also quite a talented amateur artist, and I will include photos of samples of her paintings at the end of this entry.

Previously, I have only been at her home in the evening. Flash photos do not do the home justice. This morning I had to return a sewing machine to her and asked permission to shoot snapshots of her house in the great sunlight we have right now.

The house is just a goddamned comfortable living space. Here are some pictures of rooms on the first floor. By the way, the living room is sunken:

One of three bedrooms on the second floor:

The living room from the second floor balcony and the huge skylight above the living room:

Here is one of two killer features of this home. Lorraine's studio built on the roof of the home:

One walks to the studio over this little bridge over the skylight in the roof.

The second killer feature is the patio and garden:

The other end from the second floor exterior balcony.

Lorraine is a wonderful cook. I last enjoyed fondue at her home a few days ago with various fresh fish and indescribable side dishes. She is also an amateur painter of a very high order. I find her work pleasing, to say the least:

I wish to make something clear in closing. I would value Lorraine's acquaintance if she were a beggar woman in the street, and I were passing her ten peso pieces every time I leave the grocery. However, to enjoy the gift of her with her personality, generosity, and hospitality in this beautiful home is an honor for me.

Set for fondue and awaiting only the assorted pieces of fish and the fondue pot.


DJ Gussin said...

Love my mom's place (and yes I'm biased) but the second last painting photo is not my mom's personal one - might want to say that.
Thanks for putting up a fantastic visual of her place there. It truly is a wonderful place.

Señor Steve said...

I have corrected this by deleting that photo, DJ. Thank you for pointing out my misunderstanding.

I hope you enjoy wonderful holidays up there with all of your family and my friend, Stephen.

Four Dinners said...

oh wow oh wow oh wow.

I am living in the wrong country in so so many ways....

Four Dinners said...

had to go back and look again.

That is so beautiful.

I need another drink.

Señor Steve said...

If only you could settle in on this patio for your drink, Four.


Those photos of my house are so wonderful thank you to bring it in this level of beauty

Adriana said...

I agree with you, she has a beautiful house but the reason that it is so beautiful is because of my DEAR FRIENDS' SOUL.