27 October 2009

Three Paintings by Siqueiros

Streets of México

The Child Mother

The Revolutionary


Beej said...

Those first two paintings are so touching. In the first, the little girl seems frightened. I wonder what she's looking at?

In the second, it seems there is a red shadow of a halo around the baby's head, almost Christlike. And the mother is not much bigger than her baby.

All in all, really really sad.

Beej said...

In the first painting, what is that at her feet?

Candy Minx said...

I was always leery of the Vw. Slave labour was used by the company in WW2. It took until the 1990's... for VW to reimburse and apologize for their use of humans as slaves. At least they eventually did...but I was sad when I saw people give the company money back in the old days. Not ethical.

Philip Mendlowicz is a Polish Jew who was a slave laborer at Volkswagen. He now lives in North York, ON, Canada. He commented: "They wanted you to be an animal. They didn't care if you fell down sick. They sent you to the death camp. There were always more to take your place."

A final agreement has been reached in which the government and certain industries in Germany will equally finance a $7.5 billion (U.S.) fund which will be dispersed to victims of Nazi persecution.

Some estimates are:

A total of 8 to 12 million slaves worked for the Nazi war machine.
1.5 to 2 million have survived to 1999.
The average slave worked for about 7,000 hours over a two year period. 10
The average age of a survivor in 1999 was almost 80.
A formal claims resolution mechanism will be launched in mid 2000-JAN.
Payments are expected to begin by the end of the year 2000.

Candy Minx said...

oops...I meant to leave the above comment and quotes at previous post...sorry.

Señor Steve said...

Of course you are quite right, Candy. I respect your feelings. Also Krupp. Mercedes-Benz. And the aircraft companies. And on and on.

Here is my own problem. I lived among the German people for a couple of years, and I found them to be an admirable people. Whereupon, my feelings became muddled.

Late in life, for better or worse, I have chalked all of that up to extreme capitalism, the logical and inevitable end game when we allow capitalism to run amok—a temporary imbalance in labor/management relations, if you will. We should forgive but never forget. I cannot arrive at any other satisfactory approach to the subject.

Señor Steve said...

My problem, Beej, is that my mind has been polluted with trash. My enjoyment of that first painting, in particular, is seriously compromised because of those Keane “Big Eyes” paintings. I so wish I had never seen them so that I could better accept Siqueiros's little girl's eyes for what they are and not what they remind me of.

Señor Steve said...

Oh, and I looked pretty intently at that stuff at her feet, too. I have concluded that it is simply trash--stuff that would not be good for her little bare feet to walk on.

Beej said...

Oh goodness, now that you mention it, that first painting does kind of resemble those 'Big Eyes' paintings.