21 October 2009

Self-Portrait Dedicated to Irene Rich by Rivera

The Note

Pinté mi portrato para la bella y famosa artista Irene Rich y fue en la ciudad de Santa Barbara de la California del Sur durante el mes de Enero del ano de 1941. Diego Rivera

I painted my portrait for the beautiful and famous artist Irene Rich, and it went to the city of Santa Barbara in southern California during the month of January of the year 1941. Diego Rivera


Bloggerboy FFM said...

Great protrait. It has a touch of Dutch Golden Age portraiture.

Señor Steve said...

"Social realism" is the tag the art people have put on it, Bloggerboy. However, I personally find it far more appealing than Soviet art.

Bloggerboy FFM said...

I think that social realism (absent blatant ideology) also describes what a lot of the portraits of everyday people by Hals, Vermeer, etc. were about, too, Steve. Less mythology and bible and more scenes of everyday life.