10 October 2009

The New Bank Notes Are Here!

I feel like Steve Martin yelling, "The new phone books are here! The new phone books are here!"

Nonetheless, the new bank notes are here. I saw my first ones last evening when I miraculously got some change for a 500 peso note.

These 100 and 200 peso notes were released on 25 September in anticipation of the centennial of the 1910 Revolution and the bicentennial of independence from Spain in 1810, both next year obviously. 100 pesos and 200 pesos. Get it?

Side one portrays the locomotive of a train carrying revolutionary troops. Side two is a portion of a mural by our friend, Davíd Alfaro Siqueiros. See also entry of 31 August 2009.

Side one portrays the revolutionary priest Hidalgo. Side two portrays of the Angel of Independence. I guess I should have spun these two for you. Just turn your laptop on its side.


Anonymous said...

When Tuffy P and I were in Portugal, we found that very few people there admitted to having change either.

Señor Steve said...

Truly interesting. I wonder what the deal is with this? The only thing I can think of is that they are afraid of getting robbed. Or perhaps the proprietor does not trust the help that has access to the cash box. And that is what it usually is. A cash box and not a cash register.