02 October 2009

Mission Statement

I received the most heartwarming email from a friend expressing concern for me. Wondering whether I was eating well enough. Wondering how I was feeling. Generally inquiring about my well-being. It was wonderful. I was deeply touched, and I mean that. It also brought home for me that fact that I need to clarify something important.

I write this stuff and post it here to entertain myself. On a slow day I often do the dishes in the morning and sit down here with a pot of coffee and write about the first thing that comes into my head while the sun shines and the breeze blows and the chickens cluck and other men yell things like, “Forty Love.” I enjoy overstating when I write. I have never understood how the Brits get by on that thin gruel of understatement, let alone thrive on it. In fact sometimes I get so carried away with overstating that I write things here that are not strictly speaking. . . . . . . . . . . .true, in the strictest sense of that word. I admit that I will write down an outright lie here if it makes me laugh or creates some other desired effect for me.

What I tend to forget is that there are people who still hold some affection for me and who read this blog occasionally. They then try to sort out the wheat from the chaff in an effort to determine how I am doing, God bless them. The problem with that, however, is that there is no wheat here. It is all chaff.

For example, it never occurred to me that someone might seriously believe that I am living on beans and rice down here with a whole chicken thrown in once per month. Of course, that is essentially what I have said. I lied about that. I lied because it amused me to pretend that I am doing that while in fact I am eating constantly. I am eating a Hershey Bar Extra Creamy right now. Honest.

Similarly, I do not know anything at all of any substance about México. I do read about México. I do look and listen. And I am learning. But for me to extrapolate from one little personal experience at one tiny pinpoint on the map of this vast and unbelievably various country and then launch off into an extended pontification about México on this blog results in bullshit of the lowest order. But I do it all the time. It is fun to pretend that I know something about México.

I am not even exactly sure what I am doing here in fact. Sometimes I awake in the morning with a tennis game going on behind me and say, “Sweet Jesus, how the hell did this happen?” I did not make some thoughtful decision to come to México regardless of anything I have written here to the contrary. I made all that up to fill in the blank. Like a test question where your write something down in the blind hope of getting a point or two. The fact is that I find myself here in México. Period. How or why I got here is all real blurry to me. I have some memory of driving south across the Tropic of Cancer with a Gov't Mule disk in the truck's player.

Those are just three examples to illustrate my point.

I do not do the things designed to generate traffic on this blog. I have tried to render the thing so that nothing in it ever shows up in a Google search. I am concerned that strangers with grim faces might show up here armed with facts and documentation and citations and all that shit and ruin this fun. I dread being caught in a situation where I have to defend anything I have written here. That really would be comical.

The Solipsist is not an information source. It is purely Señor Steve pondering his own navel and then making up things, sometimes dressed out in an attempt to make them sound profound. All of it is fun and games. Of course if one or two things that I write also amuse any of you who read some this, my day is made. I love hearing from y'all now and again. The fun is then increased geometrically. But nobody should ever take anything written in The Solipsist seriously. Not one word. God forbid.

The big party here this weekend for San Miguel Arcángel should be good. Then I am making some plans to go on the road again with friends for a short trip to the Yucatán in a week and a half or so—whenever that point comes when we get serious about leaving. Just the tent and sleeping bag are going with me.

I will find internet cafés as I can on that trip to the Yucatán and report in here, hopefully with some cool pictures and when I get back, videos. I am telling you all this now well in advance because I want to warn you while I am on the subject. Do not believe a word of any of it.


mister anchovy said...

You mean you're really in Mexico? Damn, I got some chaff stuck in my teeth. Har.

Señor Steve said...

You worried me for a second there, mr. anchovy. Then I remembered those soldiers who stopped me in what was represented to me to be Reynoso and tossed my truck and camper looking for weapons. It said “México” on their uniforms. Just to make sure, I checked my I.P. Address just now. It says I am in México. That is good enough for me.

I especially love hearing from you, mr. anchovy. I do not quite know why.