18 October 2009

House Party!

I still find not drinking at times to be an adventure even after two years and three months. Not drinking is not something that I grapple with or obsess about as anyone who has visited here for some time would know. But sometimes it is still an adventure.

I attended a house party tonight. It was time for a little big time socializing, and I needed to take a shower anyway. However, I always go to these things prepared to make a relatively early departure as soon as some of the guests start to get a little tight. Not because that makes me crave a drink. My problem has never been a craving for that first drink. My problem has been that after having had that first drink, I crave the twelfth. Not always, but far too often. Rather, I simply find myself now getting impatient being in the company of people who are getting tight, most particularly strangers.

I explain all that for one simple reason. The guests at this party numbered about 24, evenly mixed as to gender, but incredibly various as to age. There were people there from my age on down to kids in their twenties. And you know something? There was not one drop of alcohol there! Nada! Initially, I was shocked. No wine. No tequila. No beer. No big see-through bottles. (Vodka.) Nada. Nothing.

I know what some of you are thinking. “Okay then, there must have been a helluva lot of marijuana there.” I don't blame you for those suspicions. Some Mexicans and many Americans here carry around their marijuana in buckets. But no, there was not. Honest. Nada. Nothing there either.

On the other hand there was a neat buffet dinner served. Assorted Chilis. Salad. Cheeses. Watermelon. Amazonian tea, which is fantastic by the way. Juices. Chocolate. And more. Some elementary conversations in Spanish for me. Plenty of conversation in English. Once I got over the shock, I got into it. And I was not working the crowd either. It just flowed. There was some late night singing around a campfire on the patio spearheaded by the young people. And on and on and on.

My new young amigos.

I ended up staying until 3:00 a.m., unheard of at this stage of the game for me. The party was still going strong when I left. I had ridden there with Steve, however, and he has had some late night gigs lately. He needed some sleep. Had it not been for that, I would not be here writing about it. I would still be there at that party.

Tio Steve con sus ángeles.
Uncle Steve with his angels.

I am promised more photos from another guy's camera. I was too busy talking. Hopefully, I will be able add more photos later. Very pretty little house.


Anonymous said...

so now it's Uncle Steve. Har!

Señor Steve said...

It's like this, mr. anchovy. If the young ladies refer to me as Uncle Steve, it helps me better maintain my aesthetic distance.